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Success is Personal

Success is a personal matter.  This is true in many dimensions, such as:  No one can define success for you; Only you can prioritize what is most important in your life; Only you can achieve your personal goals; Only you can decide to make a change towards achieving success.  There is yet another dimension to this discussion, which is whether you should be public about your successes or whether you should keep them private.  And I will add one more: should this site which is about success have a more personal touch?

Let’s review each of these dimensions in more detail:

No one can define success for you

The definition of success is a personal matter.  In some cultures, especially in the western world, success is tied to money.  On this site, we try to expand the definition of success to many aspects of life, including money, fitness, health, personal development, social responsibility, spiritual growth and ethics.  But even this broad definition of success may not capture what is truly important to you.  Don’t let anyone impose their definition of success on you, and don’t feel you have to live up to other people’s expectations of success.


Only you can prioritize what is most important in your life


In the same way that no one can define success for you, only you can prioritize what is important in your life and what you should work on.   For some people money is a priority.  Others think family is more important.  Other people think helping others is what matters the most.  Others try to find a balance for all these things.  What is most important to you?  Do you have a clear definition of your priorities, and spend your time accordingly?


Only you can achieve your personal goals


Once you have decided what is important to you, you need to decide how much effort you are willing to put towards achieving your goals.  There are many sources of information on setting goals and achieving them, but at the end of the day, you are the only one who decides to pursue your goals.


Only you can decide to change in order to achieve success


Achieving success, even when defined in your own terms, many times requires changes.   And changes are hard.  You may have to change the way you think, the way you behave, the way you interact with others.  Again, only you can decide to make the necessary changes to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself.


Should your successes be public or should you keep them private?


Donald Trump loves attention.  He loves to brag about his successes and how much he has achieved in life.   Warren Buffett on the other hand, likes to keep his successes private, despite of the fact that he is one of the most successful investors, and one of the richest persons on earth.   Being public or private is a personal choice.  But it is difficult to stay private when you reach a certain level of success.  The public loves to know about the private lives of successful people, and has an unhealthy obsession with celebrities.  If you are a very successful person, only you can decide how much of your success you want to publicize.  If you can be a role model to others, I think it makes sense to share your story.  But if you want publicity just to inflate your ego, some humbleness may do you good.


Should this site have a more personal touch?


The vision for the Worldwide Success site was never to be a personal blog.  The vision was, and still is, to be a source of education, with a global perspective, with many contributors, and in many languages.  However, as I have been learning, there is a case for adding a personal touch to a site like this.  People are genuinely curious about who is behind the articles that they read, and what their backgrounds are.  Problogger recently posted an interesting article entitled Adding a Personal Touch to Your Blog which adds an interesting perspective to this topic.


Even more interestingly, I have been tagged by Steve-Olson.com to share five little known facts about me.  Apparently this is going around in the blogosphere.  Even though I still do not plan on making this a personal blog, I will play along since Steve has been kind enough to list this site on his blog.  I will also try to add more of a personal touch to the site when appropriate. 


I will keep the five facts in line with the global theme of this site.   So here you go:


    1. I have studied five languages, including my native tongue.  I am fluent in two of them, know one relatively well, and would like to learn the fourth one better.  The one I have given up on?  Japanese.
    2. I have worked for a British company and have worked on projects in Japan, and Brazil.
    3. I have been to 15 countries.
    4. I travel internationally at least once a year.
    5. My field of study in grad school ….. International Business.

Now it is my turn to tag others:  I’ll Teach You To Be Rich, PFBlog, Creating a Better Life, Lifehack.org and eMoms at Home.  You are it!


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  1. Great post. Everybody has their own particular idea of what success is. I think most people believe it is just money and stuff. There is so much more to it than stuff.

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