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What Leads to Success?

One of the great benefits of reading Guy Kawasaki’s blog is that he is always finding awesome content that he shares with his readers.  This past week Guy listed two great pieces that talk about success.  I am going to share with you the first one on this post and the other one on the next post.

What Leads to Success?

The first piece is a presentation given by Richard St. John at TED.  TED is an annual event where more than 1,000 thought-leaders come together to Monterrey, CA, to learn, share ideas and inspire.  In this presentation Richard St. John tells the audience how on a flight on his way to TED a teenager who came from a really poor family and who really wanted to do something with her life sat next to him and asked him the simple question of what leads to success.  He felt bad that he couldn’t give a good answer, and since he was heading to TED he thought he would ask several smart people and share the answers with kids.

After several interviews, here are the eight things that, according to Richard St. John, lead to success:

Passion – do it for love, not for money; the money will always come anyway

Work – it’s hard work; nothing comes easy; but have fun doing it

Be good – get good at it; practice, practice, practice

Focus – focus on one thing and try to be really good at it

Push yourself – it’s not always easy to push yourself: that’s what mothers were made for

Serve – it’s a privilege to serve; many people want to be millionaires, but you can’t serve yourself, so who are you going to serve?

Ideas – be creative; Bill Gates came up with a simple idea to create software for microcomputers – it was a great idea

Persistence – persist through failures, criticisms, rejections, and a few other negative things in life

Do the eight things above and you will likely find success.

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  1. Well written article, thanks

  2. Guy Kawasaki’s blog is one of my favourite websites.

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