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What is the Secret of Remarkably Successful People?

Do you ever wonder what remarkably successful people do that may be different from what you are doing today?  Do they all share a carefully guarded secret that only club members have access to?  Well, they do have some things is common, but I don’t know that they could be called a secret.   What remarkably successful people do is so ordinary that you might become disappointed if I told you that I would reveal their secret.

Jeff Haden published an article on Inc.com called Eight Things Remarkably Successful People Do.   It is a good read, but maybe eight things is too many for ordinary folks like us to remember, so let me try to summarize it in just three things that remarkably successful people have in common:

They Are Committed

Do you know the difference between the chicken and the pig when it comes to making a delicious bacon and egg breakfast?  The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.  Successful people are committed.  They don’t just get involved, they throw everything they have into achieving their goals and being successful.

They Work Extremely Hard

Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you that you can be successful working 4 hours a week.  Successful people work extremely hard.  There is not exception.

They are Salespeople

That is right.  All remarkably successful people, regardless of what field or area of work they are involved in, sell.  Not the hard, cold selling that you may be familiar with, but the kind of selling that takes incredible effort and skill.  As the article describes it:

“Selling is explaining the logic and benefits of a decision or position. Selling is convincing other people to work with you. Selling is overcoming objections and roadblocks.”

So there you have it.   Master the 3 simple principles above, and you will also be remarkably successful.



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  1. I found this information very helful, and very concise!
    Very easy to remember, yet also effective.

    Thanks again for your help

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